Thursday, March 9, 2017


I attended a couple of your sessions while you were at NCTIES in Raleigh.  I am a history teacher and wanted to know more about how to use Desmos in my American History class.  Last week I was able to glean lots of great info, but now it is all starting to run together.  

I am very interested in using Desmos for something more than Math, however, I am not able to find any sources to show me how to do this.  Can you help me?  Thank you for your time.

Kim Crank
History Teacher
Currituck County High School

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A fun story about amanda

From Salisbury NC
PE H teacher and coach
Went to East Carolina Univ -GO PIRATES !!!!

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A fun story about Lauren

I am a first year teacher at a rural high school in Bethel, NC. I teach health and physical education.

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A fun story about Amanda

I am an Assistant Principal in a large suburban school in Concord, NC. I have three children and an amazing husband. We love to adventure together and laugh!

Amanda Macon

Assistant Principal, Jay M Robinson High School


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A fun story about Renee Klein

Hello - my name is Renee Klein, and I am from Mohawk HS. I know you've never heard of it - it is a tiny rural schoolnoutside Eugene. I teach language arts, social studies, special education, and competitive robotics. I currently have 12 middle school VEX IQ teams, 1 elementary VEX IQ team, and 3 high school VEX EDR teams. Robots robots robots! 💖 We are doing phenomenally well this year - I have 3 teams who qualified for Nationals this year, so we are off to Iowa in April for competition! Woo! 

My take aways

I love the resources and Talk Move folder provided. Great resources and information that ties directly into a district level PD that we are running with elementary teachers!

This email/blog post is a great and easy way to start sharing with students and I see multiple opportunities to get students sharing in the classroom. That will be great motivation for students. 

K20 and OETC data base--great stuff!

My toolbox is growing. :)


Compliance within engagment

I want to expand on this idea of what is compliance in an engaged classroom. I feel Admin need to understand this to not stifle teacher creativity.