Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A little bit about Tyler Kido

My name is Tyler Kido and I am a brand new English teacher at La Grande High School. I'm from Oakland, California and graduated from EOU both with my undegrad, as well as my masters. This fall will be my first year teaching straight out of graduate school and I could not be happier. I'm very excited to be here and look forward to my time teaching here at La Grande High School, as well as learn how to communicate more efficiently with the outlaying community. 
Tyler Kido

sdh post

Shauna Hendrickson 
English, Social Studies, and NOW SPANISH! teacher at LHS.  I am a native Idahoan who permanently relocated to LG after attending EOU.  I claim Mr. Hendrickson (5th grade teacher at ICE) and five children, five chickens, and hundreds of other people's children.  :)

Mrs. Shauna Hendrickson
English/ Social Studies
La Grande High School, Room 60

Hey there!

I teach 5th grade at GWE and have been here since 1997..WHOA!

A child never outgrows their need for love.

Missy Rinker
5th Grade

Recycled Racers Rally

Our rally was held at Da Vinci Faire

A fun story about Tricia Tucker

My husband was zapped by lightning last Saturday while trying to install fence around our garden plot. We had sat on our porch watching the storm pass. He thought that it had moved on far enough that he was ok to go back to fencing. The next thing I knew a bolt struck about a mile above our house in a cherry orchard. I heard him yell and he came running back to the house.

He said that right before it hit he felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck. He went to hit the deck and as he went down the bolt struck and he saw electricity arc between his fingertips and the fence. Luck or some higher being was with him because he had no marks on his body and is perfectly ok! 
PS I have beautiful children!

a fun story about Mark

Training session

Hi Joe,
I'm a special education teacher at LaGrande High School and just wanted to say thanks for the great training today.

Deb Steyaert
Special Education Teacher/Case Manager
LaGrande High School
(541) 663-3359