Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Front Row Adaptive Math by Miriah

I was curious about this task and when I asked my neighbor sitting next to me (Cindy Schimel) she had recently used it in her classroom and was able to show me how she had signed her students up, how the skills they were completing were attached to a common core standard, and how it easily showed the teacher how well the student/s was doing on specific skills. I also spoke with Joe about this and then he let me sign up as a student under his classroom so I could get a look at the pre-test. The pre-test was very easy and then it specifically aligned me up to the grade level standards that I needed to work on. My favorite things about this website so far: 

                      * a place right next to the problem for students to write and solve the problem (i-pad) with the touch of their fingers
                      * You can generate a graph displaying how the whole class is doing on certain standards
                      * It shows you how a student did on each standard, for example ¨Mastered this skill with Low Difficulty¨ or "Mastered this skill with Some Difficulty¨

I am going to try this as a math center tomorrow and I am excited for one more place for my students to go to for individualized practice!


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