Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Front Row Math

I really like that Front Row Math can be used with chromebooks or ipads. I signed up as a grown-up teacher and then signed in as a student and took the "placement test," which then places you according to your skill level. That's cool, but you are forced to move through the levels starting from about first grade.... boring! This also limits what you could assign a student to work on as they would have had to show proficiency on previous skills to move to infinity and beyond.
However, one very nice feature is corresponding worksheets with 5 to 10 problems, that could be printed out on the spot! My vision... You have 5 minutes in class, print out the worksheet via that sleek wi-fi printer in the corner and you have some additional practice "old school style" for students without tech at home. Oh yeah!!!!!

I have not gotten to the reporting section, ( I haven't made enough progress... waa waa!) Rumor has it... that it is pretty detailed to common core, we shall see.

That is all for now on Front Row from the home front!


Nichole Erwin

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