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Google Classroom

I thought that this was slick! Obviously it would cut down on using so much paper.  It would allow for students to get quicker feedback.  I liked that the assignment would come to them and they could have it come as an alert on their phone to remind them to get it done.  The "I forgot" factor could essentially be eliminated.  

Google Classroom Reflection

I'm very excited about the possibilities with Google Classroom as it combines many other add-ons and features that are now separate. I just wish they would hurry up and make it live for everyone so that I have a chance to really get comfortable with it before I have 170 middle-schoolers showing up in my classroom. 

google classroom

It seems like it would be make things so much easier to manage and allow me to give direct feedback to students without taking time out of the classroom.  More of the learning seems to be on the student, being responsible to do the assignment then looking up what they need to work on  after the results are posted.


It looks like you could do a lot of things similar to the other sites in terms of assignments, grading, and tracking. I like having the students include visuals as well as text. We already have and use google. When I think about implementing new things in my classroom it is easer to expand then start new.

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google classroom reaction

I can see how this would be a great tool for teachers, especially for keeping records of students work.  I think you may even have more success with students turning in work because the kids seem to like working with technology more than paper and pencil.  Plus, less excuses about losing their work or not having their supplies.  I like that it takes all the other sites we have been talking about and kind of combining what they can do into one place so you don't have to learn all the different modes of communication between programs.  I am still struggling a little with how I can utilize all its potential in a math class.

Google Classroom Reflection

I liked the fact that it looks easy to set up and then to be able to read and respond to students' works and then not have to lose papers at home…because it is usually not my dog eating the kid's work, its my kids eating or tearing up or coloring on or even cutting up the student's work.
I almost think from the aspect of the video, it looked a bit easier to do than the stuff we learned about this morning.

Google classroom

Google classroom seems like a great way to quickly distribute, receive, grade and respond to classroom assignments, tests and quizzes. I like that you can quickly see how many responses have been turned in and how many are left. It seemed from the student view that it was easy to see when the assignment was due. I feel like this would be an easy way to keep grading organized and eliminate the possibility losing anyone's work.

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Google Classroom

Google Classroom has a clean look, which I like. I use internet based quizzes on a daily basis, and I am anxious to see how it will integrate quizzes.

And, perhaps a portfolio will also be included.

Google Classroom

From the short introduction video it seems that Google Classroom will be simple to use as a teacher. Additionally, students will appreciate timely feedback and the ability to track their assignments electronically. I especially like the grading and feedback features they demonstrated as well as being able to quickly see how many students have completed an assignment and how many still need to complete it.  I would be curious to know how Google Classroom compares to g class folders.