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Chatterpix Firstdate


Class, I love the idea of using movenotes in the classroom, but wish I could annotate on top of the image. Originally I had hoped to make an instructional video on how to correctly input a membership information and found I was not able to annotate on top. Since I wasn't able to do this I decided screencasts attic still works better for what I needed. Ideas for classroom use at this point are to discuss slides for an absent student or to explain say an experiment such as an inquiry worksample.

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chatter Pix

Chatter Pix is a lot of fun to play with. I can see ways it could be really beneficial for things like vocabulary development.

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Watched the "How to" video
Looks soooo easy and the more options with the chrome book vs the iPad.  It would be nice to be able to annotate on the iPad app but it is not possible (per the YouTube video)
However, there are some good activities that can be created thou.

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Front Row Math

I really like that Front Row Math can be used with chromebooks or ipads. I signed up as a grown-up teacher and then signed in as a student and took the "placement test," which then places you according to your skill level. That's cool, but you are forced to move through the levels starting from about first grade.... boring! This also limits what you could assign a student to work on as they would have had to show proficiency on previous skills to move to infinity and beyond.
However, one very nice feature is corresponding worksheets with 5 to 10 problems, that could be printed out on the spot! My vision... You have 5 minutes in class, print out the worksheet via that sleek wi-fi printer in the corner and you have some additional practice "old school style" for students without tech at home. Oh yeah!!!!!

I have not gotten to the reporting section, ( I haven't made enough progress... waa waa!) Rumor has it... that it is pretty detailed to common core, we shall see.

That is all for now on Front Row from the home front!


Nichole Erwin

Chatter box conversation by KP

Use Chatter Pix for Kids to create short sections of your conversation between two or more inanimate objects. Here's my test run:

Front Row Adaptive Math by Miriah

I was curious about this task and when I asked my neighbor sitting next to me (Cindy Schimel) she had recently used it in her classroom and was able to show me how she had signed her students up, how the skills they were completing were attached to a common core standard, and how it easily showed the teacher how well the student/s was doing on specific skills. I also spoke with Joe about this and then he let me sign up as a student under his classroom so I could get a look at the pre-test. The pre-test was very easy and then it specifically aligned me up to the grade level standards that I needed to work on. My favorite things about this website so far: 

                      * a place right next to the problem for students to write and solve the problem (i-pad) with the touch of their fingers
                      * You can generate a graph displaying how the whole class is doing on certain standards
                      * It shows you how a student did on each standard, for example ¨Mastered this skill with Low Difficulty¨ or "Mastered this skill with Some Difficulty¨

I am going to try this as a math center tomorrow and I am excited for one more place for my students to go to for individualized practice!


Practice Lesson with eduCanon

eduCanon is a really neat program; it works for taking a video from Youtube or another online video program. Plus lets you ask comprehension questions. If you use multiple choice questions you can track it with your classes. A neat concept as we prepare for Smarter Balance. Check out the EArl


Klikaklu Reflection

I would take pictures of nature and landscaping around the school. When the students found and matched the picture, they would then write a haiku based on what they were looking at.

Front Row Math

Front Row Math seems like a good resource for supplemental practice for problem areas or areas that need extensions. Would be interesting to see how it works as kids work through it. Hard to tell for sure from the initial time spent on it here.

My Movie 2

What Is Success?

Enjoy the journey


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