Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Google Classroom

I am really excited for this to come out. I think that this will really change how things are done. Google has made such huge jumps forward in education and how they support it. I think this will probably be the best one yet because it will allow for more integration of technology, more collaboration, and will give Google with their Chromebook platform an attractive edge over pretty much anything else. I am hoping this will also simplify things under the Google platform.


Google Classroom

More time learning! Love that!! Google classrooms encourage creativity, higher level thinking, and increased application/integration of tech skills within curriculum areas. Students will be engaged and motivated. Feedback and grading will be more purposeful, timely, and individualized. I won't lose papers and my teacher bag will be a lot lighter.

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Google Classroom

I see this allowing students to access special education work in their general classroom settings.  One of the biggest difficulties I have is when students leave and go back to class and then have to re-join what the class is doing or do work that is not appropriate to their level.  It would allow me to set assignments and send them to students and have them work on them with the work coming back to me.  Now I have to copy pages and send students and hope to get the papers back!  Tracking the work is a nightmare.  I've tried lots of different things, but this would allow me to keep the information in one space and know if a student went back to class and worked on it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sand, surf, breeze, waves, total relaxation

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Julius Caesar production

The article Julius Caesar, Shakespeare's Glove, deals with a live production of "Julius Caesar." It talks about the idea of persuasion and how prevalent it is in the play. In addition, it discusses the ability of the actors to portray the persuasion that permeates the play through Shakespeare's lines. In recalling the play, which I've taught in the past, there are such undercurrents of distrust and manipulation throughout the play, that one could easily connect it to modern day politics and the corruption within the system. As well, the article notes how the fickleness of the groundlings and the populous in general shows how times haven't changed all that much. Good way to connect past and present. Unfortunately, it is a play, which limits its accessibility.


My reflection is supposed to be about non-fiction reading, but I am suffering from HDADD High Definition Attention Deficient! I feel like I am 12 and it is my first day back to school; all I can think about is paddle-boarding. Maybe I should read about that!?!

Lori's Reflection

Just learned that hedgehogs are becoming a popular pet. Little smell and low maintenance pet.  Six states prohibit them. A good pet for busy families. 

Crystal Wilson

I found an article describing the history of how birthstones were assigned to each month. It actually originated from the Bible when Moses was describing the breastplate on a robe that needed to be made in a special way for Aaron. Each birthstone also had a quick description for what it's known for.

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Karilee's Relfection

There is so much to learn about the use of technology in the classroom. It is overwhelming at times and then I tend to fall back on the old way, although the kids would prefer to use technology. There are so many ways to use technology that will engage the students so that more learning will take place. It also allows students to be more independent and in control of their learning.

Linda's reflection

My reflection about newslea website is that it would be a great resource to use for nonfiction reading. Quizzes included with article have a variety of question types--citing evidence, cause and effect, multiple choice,etc. Searching for articles is very user friendly for young students. Changing lexile numbers allows for modifying articles for younger students. I read an article about how fast a bullfrog's tongue moves to catch its prey. Very interesting for students. Lots of great visuals and videos for students to relate to.
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Kaitlin's Reflection on Newsela

I found the Newsela website to be a wonderful resource for students. I like the articles on current events that would be interesting to students. Some of my favorite features are that articles are able to be sorted by grade level and lexile level. Some articles even have quizzes with great questions. I think this is a resource that I would use with reading skills groups and in reading block.

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Blog reflection

How long will I live in space without a spacesuit? 15 seconds before you pass out due to the lack of oxygen in your blood. We will not explode like some movies have shown, but your blood vessels are exploding. The IPad will allow the student to correct their writing on the spot.

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my reflection about nonfiction reading

 I am excited to start using these websites in the classroom.  They are going to help my teach nonfiction reading.  My favorite site is Wonderopolis.

Frances Glenn

El Nino is beginning to make a comeback in creating certain types of weather patterns around the world.  El Nino is a cyclic weather pattern that returns every 3 to 4 years.  As with all things there is yin and yang involved.  More moisture for the western United States and less in the western Pacific.
Students need to be aware that weather is constantly changing and climate change is real and has been happening for eons and eons.  


I read an article about kids who are considered "cool" by their peers in middle school.  Studies show that these kids are more likely to have encountered problems, such as drugs and alcohol by their early 20s.  Kids who are considered average or "not as cool" in middle school tend to have less problems by their early 20s.

Interesting fact

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The ancient Egyptians may have used water to wet the sand so moving the giant stones took about half the effort.

Allison's article reflection

I read the article that discussed how poorer students thrive when offered band. This is a great outlet for them, giving them something to look forward to and be successful in.

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My reflection about reading and Researching

I really looked at all the options that came in the section. I really enjoyed the nonfiction texts which would be great for students to share and learn from each other. I enjoyed the option of lowering the lexile (sp) level so that all readers could comprehend the same article so it could be read and discussed with all individuals.

DayLee Lathim
5th Grade Teacher
Rocky Heights

My reflection about integrating science into LA

I really liked the Wonderopolis site. I think the students would enjoy reading some of the articles and then writing about what they learned. It would be fun for them to create a popplet on their article to help them organize their thoughts. I briefly looked at the OSLIS site and think that I may find it useful as well.
Franca D.

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Amber's reflection about ACL injury in girls

After reading a article on injuries for female athletes. This article focuses on the risk for girls between the ages of 10-14 versus boys at this age. In the article it sates that during this time girls limbs become less stable making them more injury prone. Along with this the article also states that once they get a injury such as a ACL tear they are more prone to injury in their older years.
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Josh linn

I saw some great ways to integrate current events into the curriculum .

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I am posting this blog about some of the new technology useful in classrooms.  Some of the great news websites include newsla or tweentribune- are great opportunities to get students to read on topics they might find interesting.  

Michelle's Reflection about Technology

I would like to use the non fiction reading sites in my classroom to enhance units of study that we are working on. I really liked the Tween Tribune because it has articles that were written at the appropriate level for my second graders.

For my personal enjoyment I read an article about Pablo Picasso and his famous painting The Blue Room. It has been discovered that he covered up another painting of a man with a  mustache that he had previously painted. As an artist I can relate to this because I have repainted many canvases for the same reasons as Picasso, and that being that I had to create the image in my mind, and I had nothing else to paint it on.

Thank you Michelle

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