Friday, January 16, 2015

My favorite resource was "Yummy Math"

One of the examples I viewed was a work sample type question that used our current gasoline prices and compared them to the prices in 1930, 1990, etc. I found this "cool" because they used relevant, recent examples to apply the math.

I will use this in my class to utilize questions that are similar to work samples/Smarter Balanced type questions.

My favorite tool is

I like Yummy Math because it uses math problems that students could possibly use in real life. There are a variety of options. 

My favorite tool is

I liked CNN News Stories because the website offered a ton of different types of articles and article options.  Full story, story outline, and abridged version.  This is great, especially for our struggling readers.  Various types of quizzes and Q & A's were also offered.  I will definitely be using this site within my classroom, along with HSTRY, prezi, and view pure.

My favorite tool is

I am going to use viewpure as a source to gather safe videos so I can show more videos during lunch time that focuses on themes and a means to motivate during testing.

My favorite tool is...

I really like viewpure because it allows me to show videos and animations without the threat of inappropriate suggestions or ads.

A Cool Tool Is ViewPure

ViewPure is pretty cool because it keeps students from seeing XXX/suggestive ads on the side of YouTube...which happens more often than not. 

Kahoot was my favorite tool!

My favorite tool was Kahoot. I thought it was a real cool way to get the whole class involved and adds a competitive component. I think it would be fun to use for a pre or post activity with students. 
I liked the sight to share with students and parents dates and time for events  I will use this Monday

I liked Flippity because

Flippity seems like a cool resource for turning basic resources to a basic study tool. It seems like it would be a very easy way for students to be able to review specific material in an easy way. Any simple and easy tools like this are very easy to make use of without having to restructure huge amounts of curriculum.

my favorite tool is HSTRY

I liked the HSTRY tool because it would allow kids to make timelines in a more interesting way. It can be a tool to use to make kids learn history while being interested in the way they are presenting it. 

my favorite tool is quizlet

I like that you can find any topic you can think of.

my favorite tool is view pure

I love this tool because I can show you tube videos without having to worry about what other videos and links are posted on the margins around the video. This keeps it safe to use in the classroom.

my favorite tool is flippity

I liked the flash cards on this site and the opportunity to create my own. I would like to be able to use it with Google classroom and create an assignment for my students. 

My Favorite Tool is Newsela

I like this tool because the lexile can be selected for each individual article.

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my favorite tool is Bitly

This tool is neat because it allows me to save time and frustration when the kids are entering URL's in my class. 

This will be used when teaching my kids how to do research and how to cite information they found on the web. 

Thank you for all your great ideas!

my favorite tool is the reading tools

The reason I like the reading tools is because of the variety of levels, the option to have quizzes in multiple choice format. Specifically CNN news.

My Favorite tool is Flipity

Turning over the flash cards was very cool! You could have the students create their own flash cards.

My favorite tool is Quizlet

It has an unlimited amount of easy to use quizzes for anything.

My Favorite Tool CNN News Stories

I like this tool, because it has several different resources for me to use for reading current events. I think John Culligan may actually want to use this for our weekly homework assignments. 

My favorite tool is newsela.

Newsela is my favorite tool because it has different reading levels and quiz levels that I could use in my middle school language arts class.

My favorite tool is Newsela.

I liked how you could change the reading level of the text.  I could use it for reading intervention.

my favorite tool is

I feel more confident in sending links to my students when they don't have additional links, comments and suggested videos with it.