Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A-Z Take Away

A Ashley is who I met at this session

B Blogspot

C communication with the community

D Dojo or Differentiation for parents

E Everyone

F Families

G Group text/messaging

H Helping families be in the know

I Individual texts/messages

J Justify using Remind to your supervisor

K Know your families

L Let your families know ahead of time and you will get less questions

M Meeting parents where they are at with technology

N Needs of families

O Office 365

P Parents

Q Quick and easy information, QR codes

R Remind

S SparkPost

T Text

U Understanding technology

V Variety of platforms

W Weekly to monthly updates. More information the better

X "Xample" of ways to integrate technology

Y Ybarra

Z zzzz sleep easier at night knowing new things about technology

McCall Shearer

Extended Resource Room Teacher

Hillsdale Elementary


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