Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Funny story about Heather Marrs

I am a third grade teacher and EdTech teacher leader in Southern Oregon. I have been teaching for 10 years. I moderate the Oregon EdChat which you can find at #OrEdChat Sunday nights at 8:30pm. I have a husband, Ryan, and two kids, Madelyn and Jordan. 

Having small children gives you lots of funny stories....
The other night my three year old did not eat her dinner so she was not allowed to eat a treat later in the evening. At some point she got very quiet so I went looking for her and she was hiding in her room with her mouth full of something. It turns out she found her older brother's snowman art project from school the month before that had mini marshmallows glued on. She had pulled the marshmallows off the art project and ate them. #supermom #creative 
Heather Marrs
Third Grade Teacher-Eagle Rock Elementary 
JCSD9 Ed Tech Teacher Leader

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