Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A fun story about Lena

This June my husband an I will be celebrating 8 years of marriage. Well its not as long as some amazing couples, but they have certainly been adventurous. The best story, that still tops all was our Epic week away to the coast for our honeymoon. We were the touristy couple, always looking for new adventures. Well we found some amazing restaurants, great tourist spots, light houses etc. Needless to say the highlight of our trip was our choice to go deep sea fishing. Well.... a long family history of red hair, pale skin and car sickness came back to haunt me. We had booked a 5 hour deep sea fishing trip. Right before we took off the captain informed the participants that the waters were unusually rough that day, and they had thought about canceling the trip....but they had a full group and decided to go ahead with the tour. 

Well a fun thought turned into a nightmare as I happened to become sea sick, not 15 minutes in, and remained sea sick for the last 4 hours and 45 minutes....The best part was it didn't end when we got to it was so bad that it lasted until the next morning. :( Well after a day of rest, the remainder of our time away was spent off of the water and on dry land....note to self, no more deep sea fishing trips!

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